Respect Work Ethic-WLHH Podcast ft ROCHESTER 2.0. Smoke & Mirrors ft Swaggerrite Cohost Destiny E77

Jul 12, 2018, 11:00 AM

SUPER Power-packed 2 hour episode with our interview of the week with ROCHESTER 2.0. ALL CAPS! Historical stories as well as super jewels for the rappers in the game now! We have guest co host Destiny in the building on our intro and ' Smoke & Mirrors' segment featuring Swaggerite & Seanpane with some well needed insight from a woman's perspective!

Songs of the week: Project Baby (Exclusive)

Marcus- Never Be The Same

Yongesterdam Lounge: Lounge Open Monday to Sunday 11-9 647-278-4369 for bookings or @yongesterdam_lounge Giving away admission for 4 with food for a table of 4. Leave the hashtag #yongesterdam in the comments.

Top 6ix so Far… July 12 1. Yung Lava- Conversation
2. French x Tjin- Example 3. KG- Halo 4. Smiley- Price 5. Tallup x Burna Bandz x Houdini- No Favors 6. Syph- Danger

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Destiny's UK Artist of the Week: AJ Tracey: Song to Look Out for: Skrapz x Avelino x Asco x Loski x AJ Tracey - London's Calling [Music Video] | GRM Daily

In News: 1. Keke Challenge + Gillie Da Kids Take on it 2. Tory Lanez concert report 3. Congratulations Carbi B - Kulture Kiari Cephus 07/10/2018 4. July 13th event CANCELLED

SARS RADIO EP. 128 June 13th

Smoke Break Music: Phab- Dance With Me

Break Tunes: Ty Senoj - Biggie Gwap ft. M1RZA

Smoke & Mirrors ft. Swaggerrite & Seanpane 1. Toronto Police Says racist slur to Asian 2. CP24- sex ed curriculum going to old way

Road Tunes: Malkom- Who’s That

ROCHESTER 2.0: Swaggerrite: Seanpane: Destiny: We Love Hip Hop: The 6ix List: Friday: PK Herc: Spoiled Smokers: Toronto Organic: SixSocksToronto: Early Morning Late Nights:…te_nights/?hl=en Savy: