2018 British Open Picks, Updated Odds, Props, Weather, one and Done

Jul 16, 08:21 PM

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Pat Mayo, Geoff Fienberg and NYC Punter debate their 2018 British Open picks, one and done selections and their favorites props from Carnoustie Golf Links. Tim Anderson also joins inform the people who is ANDERCUSRED at the Open championship. Plus, the weather and how it can affect DraftKings strategy.


1:37 Giveaway Winners

3:03 New Giveaways

8:51 Cust Picks

15:48 Cust Leaves, NYC Punter Joins

17:50 Favs — Up to 50/1

53:31 Middle Tier — 50 to 100/1

1:00:56 Long Shots — 100/1+

1:12:59 Weather

1:17:55 Prop Bets

1:25:23 Quick Picks

1:29:01 One and Done

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