What Is Balance?

Jul 17, 12:40 PM

We all wear so many hats now a days and with an increasing number of things on our to-do lists and limited hours in the day, there’s no wonder we’re all after some sort of balance in our lives. 

Maybe it’s more balance in every area of your life, maybe it’s balance in your diet, maybe in your work place or in your relationships. There are so many areas that make up life as a whole and it’s easier than ever now, to feel out of alignment in one or more of those areas. 

Getting caught up in our heads and trying to figure out what balance truly looks like can be exhausting. There’s no one set rule for any person, relationships or family. Therefore, trying to achieve an idealised version of balance is not the best way of going about it. It’s great to aspire to have a balanced life, after all, that means nourishing your life in every area so that you feel fulfilled and happy. However, what balance looks like to someone else, may not look like that to you. That’s why it’s so important to get out of your head, put down those self-help books and start figuring out what balance means to you!

Listen to this episode to find out tips on how you can find more balance in your own life.