#InsuranceAgents: The Person Behind the Professional: Meet Grant with Varde Insurance Group | The Hive Five

Jul 18, 2018, 06:12 PM

In this episode of the Person Behind the Professional, we sit down with Grant Johnson, an independent insurance agent. Grant’s agency is Vardë Insurance Group at MWI Insurance Brokers. Vardë has about 20 different companies that they are able to shop from including Progressive, Travelers, SafeCo, Chubb, and many more. Through these 20 companies, they are able to serve just about everybody’s needs.

Grant has a unique background for an insurance agent. He and his identical twin brother Garrett, who he runs Vardë Insurance Group with, have always had entrepreneurial spirits. However, insurance wasn’t his initial aim in his career. He graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and wanting to help people with mental health issues. Working in non-profits and foster care for six years, Grant then got his master’s degree in family and marital therapy and counseling. He absolutely loved being able to serve families and couples as well as just getting to know people. Grant randomly fell into insurance four years ago when his family was urging him into the industry because of his love and passion for serving people. Through this, Vardë Insurance Group was born, allowing him to serve others, make a living, and fulfill his entrepreneurial ambitions.

Vardë is Swedish for “value”, meaning to bring value to something or someone. This was a great name for Grant’s agency, not only because it is indicative of his Swedish ancestry, but also due to the value his agency aims to provide. He and his employees are constantly trying to discover new ways of providing value to their clients. They pride themselves in being great, personable consultants for their clients, not just salesmen. Vardë likes to gather information, assessing their client’s risks and needs, and helping their clients protect and properly cover those things. They want clients for life. Grant and his business partners aim to do this by connecting with clients on social media, visiting them at home or even work for appointments, and really just being as personable and involved as much or as little as the client would like them to be.

5 Takeaways:

  1. Know what you are paying for (Especially relating to your deductibles).

  2. Ask away (Don’t be afraid to ask questions to your insurance agent. No question is stupid)

  3. Shop insurance every 2-4 years

  4. You have control over 2 things in life: your attitude and your effort

  5. Insurance agents are people too! (Don’t believe the negative stereotype)

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