Kilometre 0 - Breaking the story

Jul 19, 08:56 AM

In this episode of Kilometre 0 François Thomazeau talks about how Reuters broke the story about organised doping in the Festina team in 1998.

One of the news agency's regular stringers called François on the eve of the Grand Départ in Dublin to say a Festina team car had been stopped by customs officers on the Franco-Belgian border and had been found to contain hundreds of doses of doping products.

Twenty years ago the media landscape was very different and so when Reuters broke the news it created huge shockwaves.

François describes what happened – why he had to bend Reuters' editorial rules slightly in order to break the news because he was confident in his colleague's sources.

This is a fascinating insight into breaking news, sorting facts from fiction and setting a news agenda that changed professional cycling for good.

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