Prepping for the Borking of Kavanaugh. 2 of 2: @RichadAEpstein

Jul 20, 2018, 02:36 AM


(Photo: Ford testifies on behalf of Robert Bork, nominated to be on the US Supreme Court

Former President Gerald Ford (L) is watched by Judge Robert Bork as he testifies on behalf of the latter before the Senate Judiciary Committee on September 15, 1987 in Washington. Bork has been nominated to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. (UPI Photo/Cliff Owen/Files) | License Photo


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Prepping for the Borking of Kavanaugh. 2 of 2: @RichadAEpstein

Two different lines of attack have been launched against the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, now of the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, to replace Anthony Kennedy on the United States Supreme Court: one personal and one substantive. On the former I have little to say, except to note Yale Law School Professor Amy Chua’s glowing endorsement of Kavanaugh in the Wall Street Journal. Of far greater importance is the attack on his intellectual orientation, both generally and as it relates to specific issues that have come up already, and that will surely come up again before the Supreme Court. On these issues, the progressive forces aligned against Kavanaugh have given no quarter…