Core Values Creating a 45% Cost Advantage. Gray Construction. Topics: ESOP, Strategic Planning, Vistage, Construction Industry, Acquisitions

Episode 836,  Jul 17, 2018, 10:34 AM

Gray Construction generates $1.3b in annual revenues. Two thirds is repeat business from blue chip companies such as Starbucks, Toyota & Kraft Heinz. James Norris Gray started building barns in central Kentucky and incorporated in 1960.  The company survived his unexpected death 12 years later. His wife mortgaged the farm to keep the company afloat as the next generation learned to lead it. Today, Gray uses its 3 core values to realize its purpose: "To make a difference in people's lives by creating unforgettable customer experiences and great projects." Guest Brian Silver, Host Alex Vorobieff, Co-Host Paul Roberts Topics Covered: Construction Industry, ESOP, International Customers, Core Values, Purpose Statement, Strategic Planning, Vistage, Using a Facilitator, Strategic Planning, Exponential Growth, Keeping Core Values Alive, Generating Return on Safety, Safety Improving the Bottom Line, Subcontractors, Safety Processes, Working with Different Cultures, Customer Driven, Customer Centric, Investing in Training, Customer Experience, Acquisitions, Culture, Same Page Alignment, Generational Differences, Bringing Core Values Alive, Key Questions, Peter Drucker, Jim Collins, Good to Great, Built to Last, John Wooden, Jack Welch, Ryan Holiday, Ego is the Enemy, The Difference Between Leadership and Management, Stoic Philosophy, Marcus Aurelius,  Confronting Reality, Feedback, Confrontational vs Collaborative, Implementing Software, IT projects, Growing Organically, Growing through Acquisition, Diversification.   Transcripts and Show Notes Page