It's Time To Quit The Counting Obsession

Jul 24, 02:28 PM

Numbers are everywhere in the health industry. There are so many numbers when it comes to body weight, image, health and nutrition – from someone’s waist measurement and weight, to the calories and grams in their food. Even a person’s health is measured through numbers such as cholesterol levels, blood pressure and hormone function. These numbers serve a purpose in that they give health professionals a great idea of what’s going on in our bodies but they stop serving a purpose when we all begin obsessing over them.

Body measurements, weight, calories and macros are the 4 most common measurements that I see people take. There’s always two sides to every coin and therefore they all have their upsides. But, they also have their downsides. If you notice that you’re starting to obsess over these numbers then listen to this episode to find out what they are, why it’s not your healthiest choice to become addicted to them and how you can move on from those restrictive thoughts.