7-24-18- Pushing The Odds w/ Matt Perrault- Hour 2

Jul 24, 06:04 PM

Matt starts the second hour with sports gambling in New York before hitting on Gary Sanchez's lack of hustle on two plays, which ultimately costed the Yankees the game. Michael Pina from VICE Sports joins Matt to discuss the 4-year extension given to Kevin Love by the Cleveland Caveliers. Michael gives his take on Isaiah Thomas's comment regarding a return to Boston and all of the top stories currently going on in the NBA. The USA Basketball Camp takes place this week in Las Vegas. What will the interaction be like between Popovich and Kawhi? Matt transition to the pool to look at Ryan Lochte's 14-month suspension. Was there a financial benefit to posting the picture of him recieving the IV? Matt concludes the second hour with breaking news of Todd Gurley signing a 4-year extension worth $60 million with $45 million guaranteed.