#InsuranceAgents: The Person Behind the Professional: Meet Al Mauceri with Mauceri Bynum Insurance | The Hive Five

Aug 01, 2018, 01:00 PM

We are joined in this episode of the Person Behind the Professional by Al Mauceri (pronounced muh-sherry), an independent agent and owner of Mauceri-Bynum Insurance in McKinney, Texas. Al has been in the insurance industry since 1994 when he started in Charlotte, North Carolina as a claims adjuster. His dad was in insurance, so he started right out of college after realizing that he didn’t want to be a bartender forever. By the time he was in his early thirties, he had risen through the ranks and become the National Director of Claims for Nationwide. He moved every seventeen months for ten years before settling down in Texas and was managing 500-600 employees.

After getting comfortable, he was reassigned to an office in Des Moines, Iowa which is when he put in his notice and embarked on starting his own agency. He built up an agency from scratch for 3 years with Nationwide before giving it back and starting his independent agency under a broker model. Al discusses in this episode the many struggles he had when going independent and being on his own. However, as he puts it, his greatest motivators were and still are his three kids. Because of them, he knows that he has no choice but to succeed.

Al ended up buying an agency from a retiring agent and created Mauceri-Bynum Insurance. Because of the hard work that Al has put in, he has been ranked the Top Insurance Agency in McKinney, Texas. McKinney is a suburb of Dallas with around 170,000 people and 72 agencies, so this is no small feat!

Al’s 5 Key Takeaways:

  1. You have to build your agency with the end in mind (like a house)

  2. Try to keep your independence

  3. Hiring is very important, and experience isn’t always a good thing (It is easier to train someone than having to RE-train someone)

  4. You won’t always succeed on your first try

  5. Near death experiences aren’t the end, they are just near death

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