The ChocAmo Episode - Phreshly Baked

Jul 31, 08:38 PM

Greetings Overtime Podcast family!

This episode features a true Philadelphia entrepreneur to the core. Michelle Silberman's entrepreneurial journey begins in her 7th-grade class, where she and a friend came up with the idea to combine a common dessert: cookies and milk. It wasn't until Michelle's time at Drexel that her idea in Ms. Wheeler's 7th-grade would evolve into the ChocAmo and the Cookie Cup--an edible cup-shaped cookie sturdy enough to hold your favorite ice cream or drink, yet soft enough to be enjoyed as if it were freshly baked. Today, Michelle's Cookie Cups have been shipped to nearly every state and can be found in several stores locally including Whole Foods, DiBruno Brothers, and Evil Genius just to name a few. Tune in to hear how Michelle turned her idea as a child into a successful business that she operates today. Indulge!

Instagram: @Chocamodesserts