8-1-18- Pushing The Odds w/ Matt Perrault- Hour 2

Aug 01, 2018, 06:10 PM

The second hour is even busier than the first as Matt pulls audio from Adam Silver. Why is it important that MGM went first? People can now gamble as they watch the game. This could open up space for an NBA team in Vegas. Intellectual data is valuable and now MGM can charge people for it. MGM opens up doors that the NBA couldn't open up by themselves. What league and state could be the next to go Matt ask those questions and more to Eric Ramsey from Legal Sports Report. How much did Urban Meyer know and when did he know it regarding his assistant coach and domestic violence issues? Was there a culture of silencing going on at Ohio State? Urban Meyer's wife apparently knew about the abuse and never told Urban. Can Ohio State squeeze his way out of this?