Fine Choonin' 001 - Trance & Progressive with Beat16

Aug 03, 2018, 04:00 PM

Welcome to the first episode of Fine Choonin', over the next hour and a bit I'll be bringing you some of the best Trance & Progressive available on Choon.  The next generation music streaming platform, co-founded by Gareth Emery and run on blockchain technology to solve the music industries most fundamental problems.

This first episode has some great music from some artists you've definitely heard of and some you probably haven't.  Please do support the artists featured by streaming their music on Choon.

You can hear the tracks featured in this episode in their full unmixed glory using the following Choon playlist and links to the artists profiles are in the tracklist below:

If you want to connect with me or give me any feedback on the show or my debut track you can find me here:

Instagram: Tracklist

1. Mykynes - Mykines (Club Mix) -

2. Skylex - Echoes of Eternity -

3. Hakan Ozurun - Breakup (Original Mix) -

4. Pobsky - Jenova (Danilo Ercole Remix) - /

5. Allende - Forgotten (Original Mix) -

6. EVERNAYA - Urban Nation (Original Mix) -

7. Oliver Imseng - Flying Over Bern (Original Mix) -

8. Beat16 - Airdrop (Original Mix) -

9. Nick Reed - Frondescence (Original Mix) -

10. Neptune Project feat. Polly Strange - It Turns for You (Noble Six Remix) -

11. General Systems Vehicle - Quietus (Original Mix) -

12. Theofratos - Mad Coffee -

13. Chris Connolly - Psychedelic Nightmare -

14. GTR - Mistral -