CC Extra: Darren Woodson Discusses the 90s Cowboys Dynasty

Aug 06, 2018, 06:29 PM

Audio from a previously unreleased January 2017 interview with former Cowboys Safety Darren Woodson. The interview is part of a larger audio documentary on the 1990s Dallas Cowboys dynasty that will be released later this year.

3:09 Woodson on the vibe surrounding the Cowboys in 1992

6:47 Woodson on how the abundance of talent created some tension

11:09 Woodson on how competitiveness made everyone better

14:06 Woodson on the turning point of Super Bowl XXVIII

16:28 Woodson on the strong player leadership

19:23 Woodson on how aware players were of Jimmy/Jerry tension

21:25 Woodson on if Norv Turner or Butch Davis would have been a better successor to Jimmy Johnson

24:40 Woodson on the team’s approach in 1994 and 1995

30:11 Woodson on how free agency and the salary cap ended the dynasty

31:18 Woodson on whether Jimmy’s departure of free agency had a greater impact on Dallas’ decline in the 1990s

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