16 • The Silent Angels of Albert Fish - Part 1

Aug 07, 2018, 11:14 PM

You might think of hell as a hot place. That’s how it's depicted, in old films and cartoons. A sweltering abyss full of ghouls thrusting pitchforks, and inflicting bloody debauchery upon the recently damned. I'm not a believer in such places... but if i were... I'd be more inclined to go with the Dante’s Inferno depiction. Where hell is a cold, forgotten place. The darkest point of the universe, furthest from God, where sinners are trapped unmoving beneath the ice, and Satan mindlessly flaps his wings, trying to escape. 

But then...there are Devils among us. Devils who become immortalized in movies, books, television shows and podcasts... . The types contained within the Dark Topic Catalogue. The types who raise the bar of how evil and savage we can be... who inspire future psychopaths to pursue their own dark dreams and satiate their enormous appetites. The worst of which, I can almost believe were sent from an evil place … maybe spawned from a cold corner of the cosmos…, a spore that crashed here via asteroid eons ago…… eventually morphing into something unfathomable…. And burping up from the bottom of the ocean to take the form of something hideous …like an Angler Fish…. Or worse …Like an Albert Fish.

Writing Credit - Tyler Bell of the Westside Fairytales Podcast. www.westsidefairytales.com

Research Credit - Doctor Barak   

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