Sonny to the rescue, Gabe in town, Boston's playoff road, and more...

Aug 08, 2018, 03:12 PM

Carton and Friends, Michelle and Corey, and special guest Gabe Morency open the program talking about how Corey's most hated Yankee, Sonny Gray, saved the Yankees from a meltdown against the White Sox. Having Gabe in town has the gang comparing and contrasting New York to Gabe's hometown of Toronto. Corey argues that even though the Red Sox are up to 80 wins, they still need to go through the Bronx to win the World Series. In the big DH vs. no DH argument, Carton finds out that Gabe likes the idea of the NL sticking to no DH. Michelle's social update about Joakim Noah getting naked in the streets after buying an outfit has the gang asking Michelle her system for buying clothes. 

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