#50 | Unconditional Love: The Modh Coinníollach

Aug 10, 2018, 12:44 PM

"If I were a boy /Even just for a day /I’d roll outta bed in the morning /And throw on what I wanted and go"

Beyoncé Knowles, If I Were A Boy, 2007

Welcome to our 50th episode! If you're a regular listener you may have heard us mention the Modh Coinníollach before… but what is it?

As with Peig who we chatted about last week, the Modh Coinníollach has become a kind of mascot for those who have bad memories of Irish from school. This has become a tired cliche in need of a good shake.

In order to get a good handle on the Irish conditional mood, Darach summons German-speaker Peadar and Spanish-speaker Éimear to compare it to the arrangement in other European languages. Is our conditional really so bad on a global scale?

The gang also chat about Muppets, Haribo, Fatal Deviation and Beyonce, and Peadar gives a cheeky tip for spoken Irish.

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