The Meltdown II - The Alien Boogaloo You Never Wanted: Signs with Brian Hastie of Double Density

Aug 27, 2018, 04:00 AM

I'm joined by Brian Hastie of the Double Density podcast for an intense discussion of the 2002 film, [Signs](, directed by M. Night Shyamalan. From bad acting, to the comically inept aliens, and a non-existent plot, _Signs brings all of the logical fallacies you've ever needed from a film. Does M. Night Shyamalan drive home the point of the movie, literally? Is the best cultural equivalent of Signs the television show, Full House? Do vegetarian aliens need that corn? Dawg? Is there a conspiracy theory in the comments section of Roger Ebert's review of the film? Is Richard Doty responsible for this movie at all? Is Sedona, Arizona the best place to spend your honeymoon? Tune in as Brian and I pick apart the worst alien invasion movie ever made.


Roger Ebert's review of Signs

IMDb Plot Summary of Signs

A Link to Purchase Signs... if you're into that

Stranger at the Pentagon: The Story of Valiant Thor

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