Tom & Sarah Maree Monday 13th August 2018 Best Bits

Aug 13, 01:25 AM

Tom and his wife were talking about names and phrases (like buddy, champ) that are often said to people that can come across, or be aimed to be, patronising. So Tom and Sarah Maree took calls about some of those names that people hate being called. The guys had Jack Nyhof on the show, a local 17 year old determined to help change the perception of Millennials. Jack was working at two jobs while still at school so he could save enough money to buy equipment to make a pilot for community television station Channel 31. It worked and on Monday 13th August there will be a one off show hosted by Jack called GCN (Geelong Central News) to highlight the positive stories from the area.

They also spoke about Dr Karl Kruszelnicki letting friends put their pinky fingers in his newborn son to help boost his immune system and after taking out the first room win on The Block with bathroom week, Hans and Courtney joined Tom and Sarah Maree and may have had a cheeky dig at Geelong.