Fantasy drafts getting closer, rookie workouts, raccoon attacks, and more...

Aug 13, 2018, 04:39 PM

To finish up the show, Carton and Friends dive deeper in to the Carton fantasy football draft, saying they will reveal the draft order this Thursday. Carton talks about Orlando Brown, a rookie standout picked by the Ravens, who only fell in the drafts because he did not bench press as much as most linemen in the combine; Carton says the combine, and how much you bench, should be taken so literally when it comes to draft stock. Carton gives an update on the Ohio State abuse situation, and how current Texas head coach Tom Herman, was possibly fired by Ohio State, after he found out about former coach Zach Smith abusing his wife. Carton believes Teddy Bridgewater will be traded by the Jets, and his most likely destination will be Denver. Corey tells a story of how he got followed and attacked by a pair of raccoons, and Craig gives the gang a lesson on how raccoons do not travel in packs. 

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