Referrals are no CHOKE: Meet Nick Berry with Rocket Referrals | The Hive Five

Aug 13, 2018, 11:34 PM

Also known as "the one where Katherine chokes."

Today on the Hive Five podcast, we are glad to have Nick Berry on with us. Nick is a sales coordinator at a company in Des Moines, Iowa called Rocket Referrals. Rocket Referrals is working to help insurance agents keep their customers longer, buy more, and tell more people. They are a client communication platform, serving mostly independent agents. As a coordinator, Nick works to make sure that sales follow up gets done, the pipeline is full for sales professionals, and marketing is on point and focused. Also, BriteBee is a partner with Rocket Referrals.

Nick started at Rocket Referrals in October of last year and before that held a lot of different titles as well as being an entrepreneur. One of these was as the Chief Thanker for a company he started called SendLift. SendLift was a handwritten card business started in 2015. In 2018, he sent in a resume to Rocket Referrals, along with a handwritten card, and got the job. At Rocket Referrals, they work to aid service industries that deal with consumers. Insurance is the vast majority of their business, but they also serve car dealerships, screen printing companies, and real estate agents.

Rocket Referrals benefits both the business side and consumers. They focus heavily on relationships and client communication. By encouraging agents to consistently communicate, they are aiding consumers, but by gauging how loyal customers are, they are helping businesses. Testimonials are very important and customers see what is being said. Rocket Referrals helps encourage this and in turn helps grow businesses.

Nick’s 5 Takeaways:

1. Have a process

2. Automate the process

3. Make sure the process is working

4. Audit yourself and your business every year

5. Make sure everyone in the business is buying into the business

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