Do Your Insecurities Run Your Life?

Aug 14, 12:38 PM


Everyone has them. 

I have never met one person that didn’t have at least one insecurity. In fact, so many of us live with countless insecurities. It can be so lonely living with fear, regret and lack of confidence & self-belief – all of which can stem from feeling insecure in one way or another – but trust me when I say, you’re not alone!

The saddest thing I find about our insecurities is that if we let them, they have the power to take over and run our lives for us – they can stop us from doing things we truly desire, push us away from people we love, encourage us to engage in things that might not align with our purpose, or even confuse our destined path with that of someone else’s.

This episode talks about the negativities of your insecurities and why it's important to not let them run your life.