"Dirty dirty Irish"

Aug 15, 2018, 01:49 PM

In this episode, the second episode of That Could Have Gone Better, Andrew talks to Jesper Sandberg, Sandra Olivera and Mackenzie Martin. Andrew is an Irishman living in The Netherlands; Jesper is Danish, but he lives in England; Sandra is Mexican but lives in Irelnad; and Mackenzie is an American living in France.

As well as sharing a few embarrassing stories, we talk about nationalism, living abroad, finding a new home and coming to terms with being away from family. The episode title, “Dirty dirty Irish” will make more sense after you’ve listened to the podcast.

In a world where everyone is trying to present the best possible version of themselves, professionally/privately, perhaps airing some of our less polished experiences will be somewhat cathartic and beneficial to all? Well, that’s my theory anyway. I once tried to make a wheel for a go-cart with cereal boxes, cello-tape and stones… so what do I know?!

TCHG Better is a Ludejo Studios production which takes a serious look at embarrassment in the world of international business, and throws a little light on the more humanising stories of the people who work in Localization.

Massive thank you to everyone who shared their stories: 

Jesper Sandberg STP

Sandra Oliviera  Nimdzi

Mackenzie Martin  Fizz-Up

And of course to my co-host, Carol Hickson!