Cardinal: Same sex marriage 'an aberration'

Mar 05, 2012, 07:46 AM

One of the most senior Roman Catholic clerics in Britain has renewed the church's attack on government plans to extend legislation which would allow people of the same sex to marry. Cardinal Keith O'Brien, the leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland, explains why he believes the plans would "shame the United Kingdom". #church #marriage #religion #society

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VeniVidiCoxi - over 4 years ago

"I applaud his courage in facing up to his responsibilities as the Spiritual leader of Catholicism in this country" (A.Christian) LOL


VeniVidiCoxi - over 4 years ago

Looking back on this now, i wonder if any of the self righteous and sanctimonious would like to offer up a revision of their opinion of the former cardinal??.....


davidlloyd - almost 6 years ago

If Theological Virtues are faith, hope, and love, and Cardinal Virtues are Prudence, Justice, Temperance and Fortitude, I hope he sleeps well at night.


andrewpiper - almost 6 years ago

This is hysterical. Huffington Post was quite right when they described him has having "the philosophical subtlety of a pot plant"


SevenZarkSeven - almost 6 years ago

So contradicting Christianity in a country dominated by Christians is electioneering is it?



macolgan - almost 6 years ago

Cardinal O'Brien speaks for church and the vast majority of Catholics in the country. Many other religious organisations, throughout the world, Christian or other, have the same beliefs on this subject. As such, he is neither unique nor alone in condemning the thought of same sex marriages. Calling him vicious names or making derogatory remarks, will not sway him, nor the church, nor the millions of people in the world who strive to prevent authorities and governments from making changes to the law, religious or legal, simply to gain votes. Remember, that this is what this is all about , simply electioneering.
The Cardinal clearly stated his, and the church's acceptance of Civil Partnerships ! Did we hear utter condemnation of him or the church on this ? No .. so long as it suits, it's fine. Once it doesn't suit he becomes a target for abuse himself.
Being belligerent will not get you what you seek. It is still wrong !