Under the Ade Stand

Aug 17, 2018, 10:08 AM

DISCLAIMER: We had some difficulty getting a studio space this week, so we improvised. Four mics and a mixer in Jordan Worland's bedroom, that's the dream ain't it? 

But as a result, some of the audio is low quality, there might be some intermittent popping sounds, and some slight crackling. They're all minor errors which we've learned from, and won't happen again - hopefully they don't spoil your listening experience too much.

This week we talked about Ade Azeez and Jabo Ibehre, reviewed Port Vale, Notts County and Newport, and Tom Walker sets off on a rant about our recruitment policy. We also preview our trip to play the Cobblers and Exeter's visit to the Abbey, along with the return of football jenga.

Warning: this is a very pessimistic podcast from start to finish.

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