Light Time Heavy Content (The Say No More Podcast Ep. 20)

Aug 17, 2018, 08:27 PM

Heavy Content Light Time

You know what it is, we back? The best Hip-Hop podcast in the game, starring ya manz and den AL n B. Off rip, this episode is a lil shorter than normal, but we not slackin’ yamean.

AL takes you through a quick cop from a record shop. The store in particular is Amoeba Music on Sunset Blvd. Irv Gotti - The Remixes, Wu-Tang Clan - Enter The 36 Chambers, Redman - Dare Iz A Darkside and special unnamed pick up. Ya manz get into these albums and what it was like when they first encountered them. Talk about the importance of vinyl and owning music, especially if it means something to you. What did you think when you first saw an iPod? Do you know what a Walkman or a Discman is?

Story Time With AL - My First Mixtape 

Story Time With B - The Adventures of Slick Rick

Do you know what it feels like to have someone borrow a cd?

My advice to you: Get these records while you can!

Album Recommendations:  


Wu-Tang Clan - Enter The 36 Chambers

Redman - Dare Iz A Darkside

Irv Gotti - The Remixes


Sade - Diamond Life

iLL Al Skratch - Creep Wit’ Me

Lackslry Castell - Morning Glory

This episode is not as long of a convo, but loaded with gems. All we goon’ say is, “Don’t say we never told ya’ll, yamean.”

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100 Lift Yaself!