The Football Media Podcast: Episode Two - The UK Football Podcasting Market

Aug 18, 2018, 11:35 PM

Hello and welcome to the second episode of the Football Media Podcast on the Team of John O'Sheas platform.

I'm Jon Mackenzie and, across the course of the new season, I'm going to be bringing you a weekly podcast that seeks to open up the often-murky underworld of the football media. Each episode will bring you an interview with an expert in as many diverse areas within the industry as possible. We've got writers, authors, artists, journalists, broadcasters, event co-ordinators, lawyers, commentators - if you can name it, we've got it.

This week, I'm speaking to Josh Schneider Weiler – a podcast producer who runs the This Football Life podcast.

In the course of our conversation, we discuss the history of football podcasting in the UK, examine how it has changed in recent years and look at how consumption will change going into the future.

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Next week, we will be talking to Dr Dan Parnell about academia’s place in the football media before moving on to talk about his research into Sporting Directors at football clubs so make sure you tune in then. But before that, it's Josh Schneider Weiler and the phenomenon of Football podcasting. Enjoy!