Josh Gordon, MLB recaps, Carton Fantasy League draft, Michelle vs. Al Sharpton spelling bee, and more...

Aug 20, 2018, 03:34 PM

Opening the second hour of the show, Corey questions why Josh Gordon needs to pay $7,000 in child support. Carton recaps the weekend in MLB, and looks at the AL Wild Card race, and how the A's are on a crazy tear. Meanwhile, in the NL East, Carton talks about how the Phillies take care of their fans, even though the city is not one of the friendliest. It's never too early to talk NBA, as Corey argues that the Warriors are the next big NBA dynasty. Carton pits Michelle against Al Sharpton in a spelling contest, after Sharpton misspelled respect. The gang breaks down the Carton Fantasy League draft this coming Sunday, with concern about not having trades. Carton and Corey argue if the Jets should trade Teddy Bridgewater to the Giants. 

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