Once Upon a Time in China + A Gentle Creature - Eclectica #172

Season 1, Episode 172,  Aug 21, 2018, 05:00 PM

The Millennial Retro of Slender Man

What happens when you introduce three newcomers to a well-known kung fu movie from the '90s? Join Sarah, Mick and Aidan as they get thrown into the deep end with Director's Lottery winner Tsui Hark's classic martial arts film which stars Jet Li as the legendary Wong Fei Hung - "Once upon a Time in China" (Part I, for those keeping count).

After that it's time for a run down of our other featured films, and this week Sarah joins an octogenarian Burt Reynolds for Adam Rifkin's ode to a screen legend - "The Last Movie Star". Maanwhile, Mick is thoroughly impressed and affected by the powerful Russian(ish) drama from Russia "A Gentle Creature", before Aidan joins Donald Sutherland for a brawl in a barn with a demon in "Apprentice to Murder". 

We couldn't possibly end a week without some trash now, could we?

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Until next time when we'll be talking about Blackkklansman, keep it Eclectica.

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