The Story of Peasie and Beansie

Aug 23, 2018, 12:00 AM

Today we bring to you the story of Peasy and Beansie, two sisters who were as apart in their nature and night and day. Beansie was quarrelsome and sulking by nature, while Peasie was warm and friendly. One day, Peasie decided to visit their father. Along the way, she met a tree, a fire, and a stream. She helped all of them, and then reached her father's house. Her father showered her with gifts before she left for home. What did Beansie do looking at her sister's gifts and learning of her adventures? Listen to this story to learn more.

This story is adopted from the book Tales of the Punjab by Flora Annie Steel, and adopted by gaatha story. Narration by Sheerali Biju.

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