Free Patreon Epsidoe! Their Strange Skies, Episode Three- Each Thing In Its Own Time: The Abductions of Pier Fortunato Zanfretta

Aug 24, 2018, 08:06 PM

What's up, ufonauts?! To give you an idea of what we cover over on Patreon, I offer the latest installment of Their Strange Skies free for everyone. This month we;re in Italy, looking at the abductions of a 26 year old security guard, Pier Fortunato Zanfretta. Over the course of two years he is abducted repeatedly by a group of very tall and strange beings. They include Zanfretta on their plans to make Earth a new home, and to initiate contact with the human species. Though the aliens would never build their domed city on earth, we are left with one of the most fascinating abduction accounts ever recorded, complete with physical evidence!

Big thanks to Rory Rohloff for all the hard work he put into this episode!


The Zanfretta Case by Rino Di Stefano

Zanfretta Abductions, 1978-1981 by Think Anomalous

The Zanfretta Live Telecast Hypnosis Session


"I Feel Like an Alien" by The Blessed Cassettes

Used under Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives (aka Music Sharing) 3.0 International





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