The Green Zone, street smarts, Hawaii kids win it all, Corey's wide receivers, Tyrod or Tyrod, and more...

Episode 620,  Aug 27, 2018, 03:24 PM

Carton and the gang open the second hour looking at the premier of "the green zone," which is the amount of yardage the offense needs to get on 3rd down; Carton, like most people, hates the idea. Carton questions Corey if after the Madden Tournament shooting, would he let his kids go to a gaming tournament; Corey answers by saying you can't lock your kids up forever, and it's up to him as a parent to teach his children about street smarts and personal responsibility. Carton brings up how thankful he is that Hawaii won the Little League World Series over South Korea, loving how the best baseball players are back in the United States. Carton also remembers the lives of John McCain and legendary playwright Neil Simon. Carton gives Corey a hard time after said he picked "the worst wide receivers" in the Carton and Friends fantasy football draft. The gang argues how to pronounce Tyrod Taylor's first name. Michelle asks why Wendell Smallwood did not get drafted in the Carton league, and Craig says she should ask her partner, Scott Engel. Carton ends the hour looking at the MLB playoff races. 

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