BlacKkKlansman + Allure + Arcadia + Smithereens - Eclectica #173

Aug 29, 2018, 09:23 AM

"On the Bigotry Hotline"

Graham and Sarah are in high spirits this week, which is good because the world's home entertainment companies trying to bring everyone down.

While Sarah tackles grooming in Eureka Video's "Allure" and the destruction of the countryside in the BFI's none-more-BFI documentary "Arcadia", Graham seems to have the lighter option with Criterion's "Smithereens" - but there's a sting in that particular tale, and at least one unexpected cameo.

Before all of that is our Film of the Week, "BlacKkKlansman". It's thematically just as heavy, but Spike Lee's comeback finds him in unexpectedly witty and accessible form, and as Mark discovers, even our childhood toys aren't safe from very adult concerns ...

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