Michelle's outfit gets DMs, Phili college basketball, Daniel Murphy, and more..

Episode 627,  Aug 29, 2018, 04:34 PM

Carton and Friends open the final hour of the show talking about how many DM's Michelle's outfit from yesterdays show generated. Carton explains that when it comes to college basketball, Villanova should be apart of the Philadelphia sports spectrum, but Temple, Drexel, and St. Joe's should be the teams that Phili fans should cheer for over the "Nova Wildcats. Talking more on the St. Joe's basketball team, Carton talks about how their mascot, the Hawk, needs to always be moving one of its wings while in public, otherwise the person playing the mascot will lose their scholarship. Carton thinks Cub owner Daniel Murphy answered perfectly when asked what his message was to gay Cubs fans by saying "I hope they root for the Cubs." Carton lets listeners know that he is thankful that Gabe Morency will be joining the program on a full-time basis starting after Labor Day. The gang finishes the show looking at Michelle's social updates, including Manu Ginobili announcing retirement. 

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