Cust Corner XV - Cereal, Best TV Episodes, Standing Desks, Free Market Saves the Environment and The Oscars

Aug 31, 2018, 09:00 AM

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Pat Mayo, Garion Thorne & Tim Andercust quick hit all the things bothering Cust recently: Why he puts milk in the bowl before cereal, Standing desks at the office, edible cutlery, The best TV episodes of the century, changes to the The Oscars, Free Market saving the Environment, AND MORE!!!!

Show Index

4:11 Milk before Cereal

14:55 Cust Saves the Movies

32:09 Standing Desks

40:31 Things Tim Lets Go

43:45 Best TV episodes of the century

55:36 Balloon Ban and Saving the Environment through the Free Market

1:09:25 Oreos in OJ

1:14:22 Edible Cutlery

1:18:45 New Oscar Categories

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