Kerri Walsh Jennings (@KerriLeeWalsh) - Olympic Volleyball star & Founder of p1440

Aug 31, 2018, 06:54 PM

Kerri Walsh Jennings (@KerriLeeWalsh), 5-time Olympic Volleyball star, 3-time gold medalist, 1-time bronze medalist and Founder of the new p1440 event series joins us on Sports Business Radio.

Kerri discusses p1440 (@platform1440) and how the new event series will blend beach volleyball with health & wellness, music and youth athlete development to better serve the growing volleyball community. Kerri also outlines the differences in pay between p1440 and the AVP Tour that has left many players struggling to earn a living.

Walsh Jennings also discusses juggling being a mother to 3 while also being an elite athlete and business woman.

Kerri is setting her sights on the #Tokyo2020 Olympic games and winning gold one last time before she retires from Olympic competition.

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