Macronutrients 101 - CARBOHYDRATES

Sep 04, 07:32 AM

Macronutrients are where you get your energy from and they include FATS, PROTEINS and CARBOHYDRATES (alcohol is also thought of as a macronutrient even though it shouldn’t ideally contribute a lot to your nutrient intake). Macronutrients (for the sake of this series we will stick to macronutrients being the fats, proteins and carbs) provide energy and this form of energy is what is commonly known of as CALORIES. I wanted to take you through each of the macronutrients and explain exactly what they are, why they are important for our bodies and bust some myths around each of them. 

This episode is all about carbohydrates:

  • What are carbohydrates

  • The low-down on sugar

  • Starch

  • Fibre

  • What is the glycemic index?

  • What are whole grains?

  • What carbohydrates should I eat?

  • How much should I eat?