Officially welcoming Gabe Morency, NFL is back, Mack is in Chicago, and more...

Episode 631,   Sep 04, 2018, 02:39 PM

Carton and Friends, Corey and Michelle, open the program officially welcoming Gabe Morency to the crew, and thankful he is here for the start of the NFL. Carton loves that the Jets named Sam Darnold as starting QB, but had an issue with Todd Bowles announcing Darnold sounding like "someone shot his dog." The gang talks about the Raiders trading Kahlil Mack to Chicago, with Corey thinking it was a smart move, especially getting a few rookies in the deal, as well as adding AJ McCarron to back up Derek Carr. Craig says Andrew Luck is not a great as everyone has made him out to be, and Gabe and Corey tend to agree, though want to see how he responds from his shoulder injury. Gabe talks about moving to North Jersey, and how he has found his local bars to make late night bets, like the Hawaii-Navy game.

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