Kaep and Nike, James Blake mistaken identity, Gabes NFL picks, and more...

Episode 632,  Sep 04, 2018, 03:32 PM

Carton and Friends open the second hour of the program talking about Nike making a genius move, in signing Colin Kaepernick as one of the faces of their brand, citing him as an athlete who is standing for something bigger than sports; Gabe calls it a big slap in the face to the NFL. The Nike ad campaign gets the gang talking about Kaepernick's court case, and how the genius move by Nike gives them the upper hand against the NFL. The news of Kaepernick has the guys remembering how tennis star James Blake was tackled by a police officer at the U.S. Open after being mistaken for a criminal. The gang argues why Colin Kaepernick is still not in the NFL, with Gabe saying, like Tim Tebow, is more a distraction than he is a good player. Gabe previews some of his NFL picks, and shows how to pick against the spreads. Michelle's social media update includes a story about Rob Gronkowski's girlfriend, Camille Kostek, talking trash about Jaen Ramsey

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