College football picks, Yanks falling apart, chicken tender dunks, COLONEL Sanders, and more...

Episode 633,  Sep 04, 2018, 04:29 PM

Carton and Friends open the final hour of the show looking at how Alabama finally has a strong quarterback presence, and how Ohio State was able to barely cover the spread against Oregon State. The latest loss by the Yankees at the hands of a possible Wild Card match-up in the A's has Carton questioning if the Yankees will even make the playoffs at all. The video of a woman at the US Open dunking a chicken tender in soda, and eating it, has the gang questioning what they would dunk chicken fingers in, that's not Coke; the gang also gives Michelle a hard time for not knowing the spelling of Colonel Sanders. Now that Gabe, a life long Bills fan, is permanently in town, Carton and the gang look to get a group to watch the Jets take on the Bills at MetLife Stadium this year. 

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