John McCain, technology in the classroom and Kylie Jenner on Forbes

Sep 06, 2018, 05:00 AM

In episode 16, we talk about politics, education and the Kardashians. Our three figures are John McCain, that tablets are used in 70% of British schools and Kylie Jenner on the cover of Forbes.

Calendar Girls (2003)

The Thames Path

A Plastic Ocean

21 Lessons for the 21st Century, Yuval Noah Harari (2018)

The Guilty Feminist, Deborah Frances-White (2018)

Figure 1: John McCain

Obituary: John McCain

The View: Meghan's Powerful Eulogy For Her Father John McCain

Meghan McCain Eulogy

John McCain takes revenge on Donald Trump from his coffin, Toby Harnden

The Daily: The Paradoxes of John McCain, presented by Michael Barbaro

John McCain opened Pandora’s box – Sarah Palin came out, but Trump was right behind her, David Smith

Barack Obama Eulogy

BBC World Service: The Life and Times of Senator John McCain

Figure 2: Tablets are used in 70% of British schools

Tablet computers in '70% of schools', Sean Coughlan

What's wifi doing to us? Experiment finds that shrubs die when placed next to wireless routers

Curb children’s use of technology for their own good, urge experts, Mark Bridge

Tech: hands off, kiddiwinks — touchscreen says no, Helen Lewis

Team of Techies, Starling Bank

Code Your Future

Figure 3: Kylie Jenner on the cover of Forbes

Ways to Change the World: Jameela Jamil presented by Krishnan Guru-Murthy

Jameela Jamil on what all young women need to know, Lucy Holden

How 20-Year-Old Kylie Jenner Built A $900 Million Fortune In Less Than 3 Years, 

Natalie Robehmed

Kardashian sister Kylie Jenner on way to being youngest billionaire, Ben Hoyle

To Our Daughter

TED Talk: We should all be feminists, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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