The two Europes: Macron, Salvini, and the battle for a continent

Sep 06, 2018, 05:22 PM

This week antagonism between Emmanuel Macron and Italy’s Matteo Salvini ratcheted up over immigration – are they the leaders of an ideological battle in Europe (00:35)? But pro-immigration or not, both Macron and Salvini smashed through conventional politics in the global surge of populism. As we reach the tenth anniversary of the 2008 crash, we ask, did the financial crisis lead to greater populism (12:40)? And last, why have Americans been boycotting Nike (24:20)?

With Christopher Caldwell, Sophie Pedder, Liam Halligan, Ann Pettifor, Coleman Hughes and Freddy Gray.

Presented by Isabel Hardman.

Produced by Cindy Yu.