TNF recap, Eagles win in ugly fashion, Matt Ryan sucks, US Open, Early NFL predictions, and more...

Sep 07, 2018, 02:26 PM

Carton and Friends, Corey, Michelle, and Gabe, open the program looking back at what may have been the worst game of the early season between the Eagles and Falcons. While there were many reasons the Falcons lost, Gabe and Corey say the biggest reason is that Matt Ryan sucks; Carton asks for explanation as to why Julio Jones' catch needed to be reviewed, and how they got the call wrong. Talking about the U.S. Open, Corey says he can never bet on Serena Williams, which makes Gabe realize why most people in Harlem don't like him. Looking at some early playoff and Super Bowl predictions, Carton doesn't like everyone loving the Jaguars, while Corey thinks the Chargers are the toast of the AFC. 

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