Autonomous commercial drones are taking off – as a huge market. Will H Robotics be its Next Big Thing? Do you want to join the ride..? Listen and decide.

Episode 12,  Sep 08, 2018, 07:00 AM

This is a short pithy podcast episode. We’re joined by Pippa Malmgren, economist, Presidential Advisor to George W Bush and now entrepreneur and Wayne Harburn, flight tech expert, pilot with a top arbitrage executive. They’ve joined forces to start H Robotics, a post revenue startup, already with happy customers in a market that’s about to explode.

You might think that drones are used by hobbyists and to deliver groceries. But if you listen to Dr Pippa Malmgren, and Wayne Harburn, your perceptions will change.

You’ll learn in this episode that the commercial drone market is forecast soon to be worth billions. You'll discover drones go where helicopters can’t – and they’re cheaper to buy and run. They go where Man can’t.

So could H robotics become the Next Big Thing in industrial automated drones? They have some secret source to improve drones by using technology. Listen to this podcast to understand the advantage. Visit for the lowdown and to reach out to them.