Starrcast and #ALLIN Weekend!

Sep 10, 07:00 AM

Welcome to the second episode of The Genius Cast with Lanny Poffo where Lanny dishes out every detail from his big Starrcast and #ALLIN weekend! From flying out to Chicago not knowing whether or not he would be used, to how Lanny got ahold of his brother's jacket from a collector for Jay to wear, to playing an integral part in what many felt was their favorite moment of the night, Lanny walks us through it all! Was he nervous? Did he get something wrong out there?

Plus: Kenny Omega versus the Macho Man, which era of wrestling is better- the 80s/90s versus today (Lanny's answer will surprise you!), the poem Lanny planned to share in front of the ALL IN crowd, what Matt and Nick of The Young Bucks said to him separately in private, his thoughts on Chris Jericho, Jim Cornette, the drama between Colt Cabana and CM Punk, The Macho Man Clip of the Week (was the Macho Man more seductive than sex?), The Genius Poem of the Week, the inaugural fan recording of the week, and so much more! You won't want to miss this!

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