Overreaction Monday, buy or sell, Fitzmagic, and more...

Sep 10, 2018, 06:13 PM

Corey Parson, Chris Ventra, and Jim Day open the program seeing if you can buy in to, or sell at high value on Week 1 surprising studs in Adrian peterson and Ryan Fitzpatrick. Looking at Corey's Cowboys loss to the Panthers, the guys argue if Dak Prescott looked lost as Ezekiel Elliott got bottled up by the Panthers defense. Corey looks at his rival Giants, thinking the offensive line is horrible, but Chris and Jim think different, and see improvement, outside of Erik Flowers. The crew overreacts to Sammy Watkins getting no love in the 48 points put up by the Chiefs, and how Randall Cobb went off in the Sunday Night game. 

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