Eric Meat and The Secret Child

Sep 11, 2018, 05:00 AM

In this episode Martin (still buzzing from bumping into his 1982 band mate Glenn last week) - gets a family visitor that Tom was not expecting! When Martin heads to Tesco Tom is joined in secret by Eric Meat (TimeOut 'One to Watch' and all round genius Ali Brice). The former teacher from Humberside discusses the three rules of comedy, his heartbreak for Julia and his love for Phil Collins (as well as doing a poo in the shower). Will Tom get Eric interviewed and out of the door before Martin returns? And will the podcast help save his ailing career?

Tom Ward - As himself

Martin - Jeff Innocent

Mercutio - Freddie Innocent

Eric Meat - Ali Brice

Molly Offended - Katie Norris

'Why don't you fancy me?' - Performed by Naomi McDonald

Bailiff 1 (Ron) - Joe Jacobs

Bailiff 2 (Ray) - Tony 'Milton' Wilson

All Music - Lawrence Diamond & Adam Easton (AKA LNLY)