Small US firms have been angry for years at lobbyists: Washington’s [kowtowing to megamultinational lobbyists], demand that they either go overseas to mfr or else compete with Chinese-subsidized goods, where they can't possibly win. –Alan Tonelson

Sep 11, 2018, 06:28 AM

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Image: Washington lobbyist


Alan Tonelson, an independent consultant who blogs at RealityChek, anent: The just-announced and soon-coming $200 billion of US tariffs on Chinese goods, under Section 301 of 1974; added up, there’ll be tariffs on all Chinese imports into the US. China, being in an economically awkward position, is depending on US political interests, basically waiting for domestic US powers to protest and move to prevent the tariffs. China is currently facing a problem not seen in decades; inflation. They don’t seem to have a Plan B. . . . US mfg is no monolith: our large firms are spread worldwide, smaller ones are local —and have been ticked off for years in seeing Washington [under the heavy influence of megamultinational firms’s lobbyists] demand that they either go overseas to manufacture or else compete with Chinese-subsidized goods, against which they cannot possibly compete. All this has nothing at all to do with free markets! China as thief, abuser, pirate: no one is pushing back. The only criticism of Pres Trump is that he’s going solo, when he should instead form an alliance with Europe and others. Problem: they, also, engage in protectionist policies and are deeply uneager to press that case lest they be revealed.