Chungking Express + Witness for the Prosecution + Mr Vampire - Eclectica #175

Sep 12, 2018, 11:02 AM
Marvin Gaye's Frankenstein

All the leaves aren't quite brown yet, but the sky is definitely grey so it's the season for Aidan, Graham and Tim to revisit Wong Kar-Wai's international breakthrough hit "Chungking Express". Revitalising his career after the arduous shoot of "Ashes of Time", it's still one of the Hong Kong director's most beloved films - but how will our assembled reviewers cope with that Mamas and Papas earworm?

The public gets what the public wants though, and in this case the public wants to hear Tim going underground with Network's new Blu-Ray of cult subterranean cannibal horror "Death Line", which kick-starts Off the Shelf. After that, Aidan finds the secret to making great courtroom drama (just add Laughton!), with Eureka/Masters of Cinema's latest Billy Wilder reissue, "Witness for the Prosecution". He also challenges Graham to watch Ricky Lau's hit martial arts-horror-comedy "Mr. Vampire", which he hops to straight away. 

Because the vampires hop, you see. No, seriously. They hop.

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