Hurricane Florence sports affect, Beatles play time, Stevie's eyes, extraterrestrials, enhanced water, and more...

Sep 12, 2018, 02:45 PM

Carton and Friends, Corey, Michelle and Gabe, open the show looking at the possible devastating impacts on sports—and the U.S. East Coast—that Hurricane Florence could have in the coming days. The gang argues over the existence of extraterrestrials, with Carton, Gabe, Michelle thinking we are not alone, while Corey thinks it's just us and animals. Looking at a story about a high school football team spiking their drinking water with a male-enhancement drug; the issue Carton has is that while the coach deserved to be fired, teenage pranksters will never go away. Corey blames not being able to find his Yankee hat as to why the Yankees lost to the Twins, and why the Red Sox clinched a playoff spot last night; Carton calls the Yankees, namely their pitching staff, "more unpredictable than a Trump tweet." Looking at the only good thing going for the Mets, Carton questions Michelle as to why the "d" in Jacob deGrom's last name is not capitalized. During Michelle's social media update, the gang talks about Paul McCartney and John Lennon's masturbation parties, and question if Stevie Wonder really has vision.

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